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SR4130EL vs SR4130X

SR4130EL & SR4130X are the brand names of the two varieties of AISI 4130 CroMoly steel tubes which we have co-developed with our manufacturers. We have invested numerous hours, energy and capital to precisely control the heat treatment process parameters and achieve the desired mechanical properties. Following is a comparison of the two varieties:


  1. Yield Strength(MPa): 500≈YS≈650

  2. Ultimate Tensile Strength(MPa): 600≈UTS≈800

  3. Elongation (%)(50mm GL): 18≈EL≈34

  4. Good for welding

  5. Excellent bending characteristics

  6. High mechanical strength and    excellent Elongation

  7. Improved elongation by tempering after the heat treatment process

  8. Great reliability and incredible fatigue endurance

  9. Good strength/weight ratio

  10. Excellent for Automotive and bicycle industry


  1. Yield Strength(MPa): 700≈YS≈850

  2. Ultimate Tensile Strength(MPa): 900≈UTS≈1050

  3. Elongation (%)(50mm GL): 14≈EL≈21

  4. Good for welding & brazing

  5. Moderate bending characteristics

  6. Highest mechanical strength and  moderate Elongation

  7. Higher strength thanks to multiple cold-drawn & stress-relief processes

  8. High breaking load, superior tenacity.

  9.  Incomparable strength/weight ratio

  10.  Excellent for Automotive and Bicycle industry

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