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cnc machining & allied services

CNC Machining

In house CNC Milling and lathe machines for faster processing and quality control

Gear Cutting

Precision gear cutting services and surface treatment for seamless meshing

Complex Assembly

Adaptive close tolerance and machining steps for a perfect fit of your complex parts

Laser cutting

Well, its laser cutting!


Order Procedure:

  1. Email your requirements to

  2. Keep the subject of mail as: Machining Requirement - Company/Institute Name

  3. Attach the designs in STEP/IGES format for 3D designs and DWG format for 2D profiles for laser cutting.

  4. Mention grade and material specifications and the quantity for each attached design.

  5. Mention if the material will be provided by you or procured by us.

  6. We will review your designs and inform you about any non-machinable features (e.g. square corners/specific undercuts etc.)

  7. If all is well, we will send you a quotation within 24 hours. Let us know if you have an urgent order.



We do not share your designs or drawings with anybody and have designed our work processes to keep your data safe


We have a strong engineering team who can help you rectify machining problems and identify probable failure points and optimize them


Since our process is completely online, we can serve you anywhere in the world. The only requirement would be an accessible internet network & courier service.


With our in-house systems, we have a quick turn around and delivery time.

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