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42CrMo4 Plate 2.0 mm

4000.00 per plate (610 mm X 610 mm) (Exclusive of GST)


Material: 42CrMo4 Steel

Section: Plate


Plate Dimension-610 x 610 mm,

Thickness-2.0 mm(5.81 kg)


Tolerance, wall thickness: ±0.05mm

Availability: In Stock. Ships the next day.

Delivered To the Door only,

if the PIN Code is serviced by FedEx.

Download Material Test Certificate

Chemical Properties:

Carbon %: 0.28-0.33

Silicon %: 0.15-0.35

Manganese %: 0.40-0.60

Phosphorous %: 0.035 Max

Sulphur %: 0.040 Max

Chromium %: 0.8-1.10

Molybdenum %: 0.15-0.25 

Mechanical Properties:

Yield Strength(MPa): 350≈YS≈500

Ultimate Tensile Strength(MPa): 500≈UTS≈700

Elongation (%)(50mm GL): 20≈EL≈30

Modulus of Elasticity (Young's Modulus): 205 GPa

Density: 7850 kg per meter cube

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