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About Us

Scolarian Racing is a subsidiary of Scolarian Bikes. Under our parent brand, we build custom and production bikes made out of butted and straight gauged AISI 4130 ChoMoly steel tubes. Scolarian Racing was started by us to provide genuine and optimized products for usage by motorsports team. Over the years, we have served hundreds of customers in the field of motorsports, custom bicycles, automobile, agriculture equipment and pneumatic. 

The passion for motorsports thrives in the members of the company who are trying hard to provide reliable products for all motorsports teams. We understand your needs better than anyone else. We understand your frustration with unavailability of quality materials and parts. We have been through the grind, the intense design work, the work arounds on tight budgets, the gruelling hours in the garage. The heartbreak when you are out of the competition on part failures and the joy of winning an event. We are here to help you make a better machine by providing you with reliable material stock and allied services.


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