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How much should I Order?

You might have faced a situation where you needed an extra tube section because a notch was too deep or bent radius came out wrong or a part failed and an urgent order needed to be placed or a design change demanded an extra member or a correction at an event or a complete miscalculation of required number of tubes. We understand the hassle and desperation of a reorder which is why we have curated the following. Now that you are finished up with the design and ready to order, here is what you should do. 


STEP 1: Make a cutting plan

This is the most important of all. This is best explained with an example. Say, we have to fabricate the structure shown in Fig.1. Name each of your cut tubing section and find out the flattened length of each section. 

Now, each Scolarian Tube comes in a standard length of 10 feet. Plan out which named sections can be combined to form a 10 feet tube. Keep in mind to include convenient extra lengths to accommodate notch/cutting errors, min holding length for bending machine to bend a corner etc. 

To sum up, you will end up with a plan to map each cut section onto a 10 feet tubing.

Lot of us make the mistake of summing up the cut section lengths and arriving at a value to place an order. BIG MISTAKE. Make a cutting plan.
















Fig. 1

STEP 2: Find out and make a list of the parts that can fail in operation and the ones which have high chances of being wrongly manufactured (eg. a complicated notch becoming too short, an extreme bend which could tear or spring back out of shape etc)  


STEP 3: Extras

Remake a cutting plan depending on the lengths required to remake the parts as found in STEP 2. Add this up to your total number of tubes. Also, one or two extra tubes of the most used dimension  could be ordered for just in case you need them later.  


This way you wouldn't have to worry about stocks being exhauted when you need extra or an urgent order owing to a part failure.  This would save you time, money and a lot of hassle of having to reorder at a critical time.

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